Another Reformation

This exhortation was given to King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on October 30, A.D. 2022.

Today is Reformation Sunday, with tomorrow being the 505th anniversary of Luther publishing his 95 Theses which sparked the Reformation. So this morning I want you to consider this: Do you have the faith to see another Reformation in our day? 

In the 1500’s, God worked a great Reformation in His church and the world literally has never been the same. It pleased him to raise up great Luthers and Tyndales, Calvins and Zwinglis, Cranmers and Bullingers to lead the charge. And it pleased Him to pour out His Spirit upon common people — men, women, and children whose faces bore the bright light of the gospel of grace.

It was a time of great blessing—and a time of great trial. Reformations are messy. They mess up your hair and they also make martyrs of men.  But as Christians proudly in the Reformed tradition, we believe that the glory which follows—both now and eternally—far outweighs any suffering endured.

So do you have the faith to see another Reformation? Do you believe that God could do such a thing for us? Or better yet, do you believe that God would do such a thing for us? Is He willing? And are you willing to do your part? Are you willing to labor toward that end? 

My exhortation this morning is that you must have faith.  For we know that God is always pleased to burn the dross in order to purify His Church.

So where does this Reformation start? It begins here. It begins with our corporate worship of the Triune God, and then flows into our families, our work, and our communities. For out of the Temple flows a living river that reaches to the ends of the earth, bringing new life everywhere it goes.

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