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Sing to the Lord, All the Earth

This sermon was preached at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on March 5, AD 2023.


In our text this morning, we read the account of King David returning the ark of the covenant to its rightful place at the center of Israel’s worship in Jerusalem. 

What is fascinating about this passage is both David’s concern for the right worship of God – that is worshipping God in the ways in which He has commanded us to worship Him – and also the joy and high affections found throughout this worship.

Many in the church today pick and choose which churches they attend largely based on the “worship style” they prefer. Whether it is a charismatic worship service, with the lights dimmed low, and band on stage – or if it’s a high liturgy Roman Catholic Mass – men and women are prone to seek out that which makes them feel good, rather than first what conforms to God’s Word.

Another common false dichotomy in the church is a tension or divide between worship and mission, or worship and outreach. Those highly concerned with the church serving out in the world can sometimes downplay the importance and priority of Lord’s Day worship. And then there can be those who are so focused on Sunday mornings that the mission of bringing others in is truly neglected. 

And from our text this morning, I want to contend that all these things go hand in hand. Faithful, biblical worship goes hand in hand with joyful worship that engages and touches our emotions. Additionally, worship itself is part of the mission of the church. What we do here every Lord’s Day is part of God’s salvific plan for the our city and for the nations.

So this morning I will be hitting three main points regarding our worship of God. First, worship is to be according to Scripture, not according to our desires or feelings.

Second, in the right worship of God, feelings and affections do follow. What I mean by this is that worshiping God according to His commands does not result in stiff and stuffy worship. But rather, it leads to joy and high praise.

And third, as we we worship God, one of the results in us is the desire to see others do the same. Our zeal for the Lord and our desire to see him honored will necessarily mean that we want to see people join in.

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