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Children, Be Like Jesus

We know nothing about the childhood of Jesus except for Luke’s account of the time He went missing.

Jesus was twelve, and instead of traveling back home from Jerusalem with his parents and the rest of the pilgrims, he decided to stay back and hang out in the Temple with the teachers. By the time Mary and Joseph found Him, he had spent three days there listening, asking questions, and astonishing His hearers with His understanding and answers. When Mary anxiously asked Him what He was doing, He simply responded, “Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” (Lk. 2:49). He then went back home with them, and Luke tells us He continued to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and men.

Now there is a great lesson here for our children in the example of the boy Jesus.  

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Missional Families

This exhortation was given at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on March 12, AD 2023.

In a community like ours with a strong emphasis on the family, one of our temptations is to become insular

By insular, I mean that either in our own families themselves, or in our own circle of friends, we can become primarily inward facing — neglecting outreach to others.

The solution to this is not to abandon our God-given duties toward our spouse and children. Nor is it to neglect God’s gift of sweet fellowship with close friends. Rather, it’s to invite people in to the life of our families. It’s to practice hospitality – a missional hospitality directed toward those you don’t know all that well yet – whether they are a new family in our church or your unbelieving neighbors. 

This hospitality is not one that interrupts our family time – but instead becomes a routine part of it.

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The Soil of Honor

This exhortation was given at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on November 13, AD 2022.

We are beginning to enter the holiday season, with Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away and then Christmas a month after that. And with the joys and excitement of the holidays can also come, for some of you, various challenges with family – especially with parents or in-laws.

So this morning I want you to consider your upcoming family gatherings not as challenges to overcome, but opportunities from the hand of the Lord. They are opportunities to obey God when He commands us to “honor thy father and mother.”

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God Our Father

This exhortation was given at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on June 19, A.D. 2022.

J. I. Packer once wrote that if you want to judge how well a person understands Christianity, find out how much he makes of the thought of being God’s child, and having God as his Father.[1] For Packer, the fatherhood of God and adoption in Christ are the sum of New Testament religion. Christians are people who have God as their Father.

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