Our Good Shepherd

This communion meditation was given at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on March 12, AD 2023.

In Psalm 23, we have a wonderful depiction of our Lord’s faithfulness to us as our Good Shepherd.

Because He is our Shepherd, we lack no good thing. He provides for all of our needs – giving us rest in green pastures and leading us beside still waters. He has brought us into His fold and now He makes it His chief business to protect and guide us. 

And even as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we have no need to fear, for our Shepherd is there with us. We are never alone – even when it gets dark and we cannot see Him, His presence is ever sure.

And when we are in the heat of battle, surrounded and overwhelmed by enemies, He has a table prepared for us. He welcomes us into His banquet hall, anoints us with oil, and overflows our cup. 

Now note that this table was prepared ahead of time by our Lord. It was not hastily put together, as if we were unexpected guests and He had to rummage through His cupboards in order to whip something up.

It’s also not a meal-on-the-go. The enemy is pounding at the door, your world is still spinning – and our Lord is unhurried. He beckons you to sit down in perfect peace and to take refuge in Him.

For what is this table, but our Lord offering Himself to us? The Good Shepherd has laid down His life for His sheep.

So if you know yourself to be one of His needy sheep, come. If you recognize the voice of Your Good Shepherd, come

The valley may be dark, the enemies may be at the door – but now is the time to be restored.

If you have Christ as your Good Shepherd, no matter what trials and persecutions may come, surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

So come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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