Missional Families

This exhortation was given at King’s Cross Church (Moscow, ID) on March 12, AD 2023.

In a community like ours with a strong emphasis on the family, one of our temptations is to become insular

By insular, I mean that either in our own families themselves, or in our own circle of friends, we can become primarily inward facing — neglecting outreach to others.

The solution to this is not to abandon our God-given duties toward our spouse and children. Nor is it to neglect God’s gift of sweet fellowship with close friends. Rather, it’s to invite people in to the life of our families. It’s to practice hospitality – a missional hospitality directed toward those you don’t know all that well yet – whether they are a new family in our church or your unbelieving neighbors. 

This hospitality is not one that interrupts our family time – but instead becomes a routine part of it.

It can take many forms, but the most obvious are dinner invitations, play dates, gatherings at the park, helping with home improvement projects, or invitations to church. Just consider what you are doing now in the regular rhythm of life, and then make space for a few extra to tag along.

In God’s good wisdom, He has designed the family to be a great force for welcoming others into the life of the church. And in a God-honoring household, one that is full of joy and well-ordered, the light of the gospel shines very bright. This is especially true in a dark culture where the destructive consequences of sin are most keenly felt in the home and in families. 

So care for your families. They are priority number one. They are not to be neglected for the sake of ministry nor or are they simply a tool for ministry. They are your primary focus. Don’t just meet the needs of your spouse and children, but pour yourself out for them. And then let that love and generosity overflow, as you bring others in to your joy in Christ.

And as you labor in this way, remember God’s generous hospitality toward you. That while you were yet a stranger, He warmly welcomed you in and seated you at His table. And now you have the privilege to imitate Your great God.

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