Guests of the King

This morning I want to highlight an aspect of our communion practice that might be overlooked—our posture.

We partake of the Lord’s Supper sitting.

Some of you may have never done it any other way. For others, your previous churches may have had you take the Lord’s Supper while kneeling, or by walking forward and standing. 

During the Reformation, posture at the Lord’s Supper was strongly debated. This is because the Roman Catholic practice of kneeling was part of worshiping the consecrated bread and wine, believing that they have been transformed into Christ’s literal body and blood. 

Not only do we believe this to be idolatry, but John Knox rightly described kneeling as the posture of a beggar. 

We are not beggars here, at our Lord’s table. This is not a time of sorrow or penitence, that already took place at the beginning of our worship service when we confessed our sins on our knees.  

No, we are here as guests of the King, who has seated us with Him in heavenly places.

In this fellowship meal, our gracious Lord promises to nourish us with His body and blood, as we receive the bread and the wine in faith. And so we sit with Him, not kneel or stand, because we are His friends and this is His Table.

One last note. Who gets to sit and feast at Christ’s table? All are invited, but you must first come into His house through the door of baptism, and from there He will lead you in to a seat at His table.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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